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Zane Torkington:
Mortgage Specialist
Why deal with the banks one at a time when you can sit down with them all at once?
As an experienced Mortgage Broker, when you chat with me it's like meeting all the banks at once! 

I'm working for you and not the banks, I ensure we get you the best deal possible.
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Zane Torkington Mortgage Specialist
Zane Torkington Mortgage Specialist
When my wife and I embarked on the path to our first-home purchase we soon realised that it was going to be time-heavy and very confusing!

Zane guided us through this process by explaining the industry jargon and advising us of the best options maximise our investment with the lender of best fit.

Without Zane's help, we would have jumped from lender to lender looking for what might have seemed like the ‘best offer’.

The communication throughout the process has been fantastic. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zane to anyone who wants an honest and open advisor to assist them in their purchase.
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